World Electric Vehicle Day

As part of Trader Interactive’s corporate social responsibility goals, the company intends to promote sustainable transportation world-wide. This is why on World Electric Vehicle Day, and every day, we highlight the innovations and advantages of electric vehicles.  

To help inform both consumers and dealers, Trader Interactive and our family of brands are sharing resources about electric vehicles across a range of industries, including addressing the biggest concerns that consumers expressed with EVs.

Breaking Down Your Number 1 Concern with Electric ATVs: Range

Range was a top concern among ATV Trader’s social media fans, so we’re discussing what you should know when determining how much range you can get from electric ATVs.

Breaking Down Your Number 1 Concern with Electric Boats: Water + Electricity Safety

Water safety is a top concern among Boatline’s followers, so we’re sharing  ways to stay safe and avoid potential hazards when operating an electric boat. 

Breaking Down Your Number 1 Concern with Electric Work Trucks: Lack of Infrastructure

Lack of infrastructure was the top concern about electric work trucks among Commercial Truck Trader social media followers, so we’re taking a look at this issue and the ongoing efforts to resolve it.

Breaking Down Your Number 1 Concern with Electric Motorcycles: Range

Cycle Trader’s social media fans were most concerned with just how far they can ride on electric models, so we’re breaking down all you need to know about range and electric motorcycles.

Breaking Down Your Number 1 Concern with Electric Equipment: Lack of Infrastructure

Equipment Trader social media fans are most concerned with the lack of infrastructure when it comes to electric heavy equipment. So, we’re diving into why this is an issue in the industry and discussing how this concern is being resolved.

Breaking Down Your Number 1 Concern with Electric RVs: Range

Range was among the most pressing concerns for RV Trader’s social media followers, so we’re here to provide more details on how far you can travel in electric RVs.

What You Should Know About Electric Vehicles

If you’re new to the world of electric vehicles, check out this video where we explain how electric vehicles are sustainable and break down 3 common misconceptions about them.

Additional Information About EVs and Sustainability

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