Trader Interactive Enhances Virtual Retailing Solutions For Dealers During COVID-19

Trader Interactive, a leading marketplace and dealer services provider for the lifestyle vehicle and commercial equipment industries, has introduced a series of virtual retailing tools and services designed to enhance dealers’ leads, streamline the lead management process, and provide multiple channels for connecting with in-market consumers online. Additions include new functions created to encourage consumers to make an offer on or request a video of a piece of inventory, increased communication with the addition of video & live chat as well as a texting option, upgraded lead management tools and the new Lead Enrichment feature, offering industry-first consumer shopping activity insights.

“During this pandemic, we have seen the increased need for more robust virtual retailing tools and our teams are working tirelessly to ensure we help drive our dealers’ businesses forward during this unprecedented, ever-evolving environment,” said Lori Stacy, CEO of Trader Interactive. “In light of COVID-19, we have shifted our entire business to deliver the right solutions to support a virtual retailing model for our customers, and as online shopping increases, we saw the need to provide our dealers with even more opportunities to connect with their buyers online.”

The virtual retailing collection of tools includes:

Make an Offer – This new feature expands a dealers’ ability to start transactions online as consumers can now initiate a pricing offer within Trader Interactive’s marketplaces or on the dealers’ website with the simple click of the Make an Offer button.

Request a Video – Potential buyers can now indicate that they are interested in seeing a video of a particular unit by clicking the Request a Video button and completing a lead form.

Video Chat – Customers can now request a video chat on the dealers’ website or on Trader Interactive’s marketplaces to interact with dealers directly. This addition gives dealers the opportunity to not only create a one on one personal connection with a potential buyer, but also enables them to take customers out on their lot to provide virtual video walkthroughs if they cannot shop in-person.

Lead Enrichment – Trader Interactive’s new Lead Enrichment tool provides dealers with deeper insight into potential buyers’ shopping patterns on their marketplace. For each individual lead that comes through the site, dealers will now receive a real-time notification email with the following information on that specific consumer: time in market, high and low price range they have been searching in, total listings viewed, and latest units viewed. Included in most dealer subscriptions.

Lead Manager – This new tool gives dealers more control and insight into the leads they receive and gives them the power to assign and monitor the progress of their dealership within TraderTraxx, Trader Interactive’s dealer platform. Within Lead Manager, dealers have the ability to access their leads, inventory management, performance metrics, and more all within one easy-to-use system. Included in most dealer subscriptions.

SMS Texting – In addition to connecting by email or phone, buyers can text dealers about units of interest directly from the relevant marketplace listing. A dealer simply indicates a mobile phone number where they would like to route text messages.

Live Chat (free through May 2020) – To help dealers increase response time, Trader Interactive offers Live Chat. With Live Chat, potential customers can interact with someone at a dealership within a matter of seconds, or whenever the dealer designates themselves as ‘available’, through a pop-up window. This tool allows dealers to offer real-time, on-screen assistance the moment the consumer has a question about a piece of inventory.

All of the solutions mentioned above are available for free to Trader Interactive dealers immediately.*

In addition to providing a variety of virtual retailing solutions, Trader Interactive has also created a Virtual Retailing Resource Center for commercial and recreational dealerships to provide dealers with a library of valuable insights and tools to support their business during coronavirus. The library includes information on federal emergency funding options, industry trends, videos, and articles such as Guarding Your Dealership During a Pandemic, all designed to assist dealers as they navigate the business challenges presented by the spread of COVID-19.

The Virtual Retailing Resource Centers for dealerships and manufacturers in the commercial trucking, heavy equipment, recreational vehicle, and powersports industries can be found here:

To learn more about Trader Interactive’s virtual retailing tools or for more information on the Virtual Retailing Resource Center, contact [email protected].

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