72% of Boat Shoppers are Interested in Electric Boats According to New Boatline Whitepaper

Marine marketplace publishes an electric boat whitepaper leveraging exclusive consumer data.

July 28, 2022 (Virginia Beach, VA)- Today, Boatline, the next-generation marine marketplace, published a whitepaper titled, What Dealers Need to Know About Electric Boats: Trends, Benefits, Obstacles, and Tips for Selling. Leveraging exclusive consumer data, this whitepaper gives boat dealers the needed insight to effectively market and ultimately sell their electric boat inventory more quickly and at a higher margin.

“The electric boat market is building momentum and, according to our recent survey, consumers are eager to explore this option,” stated Erin Ruane, executive vice president of marketing at Trader Interactive, parent company of Boatline. “With this increase in popularity, Boatline is committed to equipping boat dealers with the education necessary to understand buyer demand for electric boats and give them the confidence to diversify their inventory.” 

With concerns around the environmental impact of gas powered motors continuing to weigh on the minds of consumers, the demand for zero-emission boats that still provide high-performance results has become significant. Between this rising desire for clean energy solutions and general education around electric boats becoming more readily available, there are more buyers looking for electric options then what might be assumed.

  • A recent survey conducted by Boatline uncovered a large percent of participants were looking to buy electric:
  • 39% of boat shoppers reported that they were exclusively considering an electric boat for their next purchase
  • 33% stated that they were looking at both gas and electric boats
  • And only 27% of boat shoppers said they were exclusively searching for a gas-powered boat

In this whitepaper, dealers will benefit from essential information to help understand advertising and selling electric watercraft. They will examine the state of the boating industry, current electric boat trends, benefits and obstacles to selling electric, and recommendations for selling electric vessels.

This is one of many initiatives launched by Boatline to provide guidance for dealers. Further resources can be found through Boatline’s new Marine Retailers Association (MRAA) Education Champion sponsorship. In this position, Boatline will continue to offer consumer and marine industry data and trends in collaboration with MRAA to its members.

Those dealers looking to learn more about the electric boat industry can download the What Dealers Need to Know About Electric Boats: Trends, Benefits, Obstacles, and Tips for Selling whitepaper at Boatline.com.

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